Christmas is here!

Some beautiful Christmas decorations arrived in the mail from my Essential Baby Secret Santa. I do not know who made them, but they are just gorgeous, and have been lovingly hung on our tree by Liam, Matilda and Laura. Little Milly looked on in amazement at all the bright sparkly colours.
Liam has worked himself up into a frenzy of excitement and cannot wait until Christmas day! He keeps shaking the presents under the tree and trying to work out what’s in them. He has also let slip to Matilda what he bought for her and has told me what he bought for me – of course when I say ‘bought’ I use the term loosely, since in fact he has no money with which to buy anything LOL! Sewing, alas, has fallen by the wayside, grudgingly replaced by hours spent aimlessly searching the shops for the perfect gift. My parents are here and we have had outings to museums, concerts and the like, after which I fall in a heap in front of the computer :). Happy Christmas – It’s Jesus’ Birthday!!

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