Hansel and Gretel eat your heart out

It mightn’t be sewing but it felt creative. Laura, Liam and I assembled and decorated a Gingerbread house this afternoon. Never having melted sugar before, I was pleased that it worked well and glued it together very easily. I had to dig around in the draw for 10 minutes unearthing the piping bag which has been used about twice in 10 years, then it split anyway and I realised too late that I should have iced the sides before constructing of the house – oh well……. so only the top got iced but the smarties made up for it!! We used the extra icing as ‘snow’ around the house, and the kids had great fun putting chicco men in the snow and making footsteps for them. We ate the house as dessert and when the roof caved in from too many bits broken off, Liam proclaimed it an earthquake and said all the chicco men had been killed (!) and he knocked them flat LOL.
Laura has also been doing some sewing of her own – putting together a ballerina doll kit and a teddy bear kit she got from one of her grandmas for Christmas. She did the doll almost all on her own and the teddy completely on her own!!

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