My sewing machine has been sadly neglected the last couple of months. But just to prove I haven’t been idle – these are part of the two pages of hand-written notes we were allowed to take into my bioscience exam today. Tiny enough to be fairy writing I think.
Now that the exam is over (Hooray!!!) I can have my life back, which means good things like sewing πŸ™‚ and bad things like cleaning up the chaotic bear pit my house turned into while I was spending so many hours studying 😦

I did manage to make a couple of things in the last couple of weeks though – a much needed pair of PJs for Matilda and an also urgently needed pencil case from the same fabric.

The lovely brumby print was an end of roll bargain at $3 for 1.5m, and the green singlet is from Cotton On.I love the look of little bags made from a layer of fabric and a later of clear plastic so here is my first attempt at one. I haven’t quite got the zip right so I will have to go and have a peek at them in the shops. Matilda says her classmates admired her new pencil case and she was pleased to say my mum made it!

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