Bunting everywhere!



And I am one of the lucky ones who got some (bunting, that is) VBG 🙂 This gorgeous bunting was sent to me by Karen in the EB Secret Santa – how lucky am I!! I love the colours, and the beautiful brocade, and the sweet red and white gingham!! I have strung it up above where our Christmas tree will go when we put it up, and I will put some tinsel along the ugly old curtain rail. I think I might buy some wooden pegs to hold it in place instead of how I have done it just now. She also sent me these adorable peg reindeer – you can tell how lovable they are because Liam has alread nicked the fourth one and hidden it in his bedroom LOL! And, yes there’s more, two lovely big bundles of ric rac in blue and red, which are perfect to go with some fabric I bought the other day (it is the same as something on Four Star’s blog). They all came packaged in the green and white gingham they are resting on. Thank-you Karen, I absolutely love it!!!! I should add that I have also not forgotten that you won my blogerversary draw, and now that it is holidays I shall get onto that project.

Since this is my blog and I can write what I like, I shall indulge in some shameless bragging and tell the world that I just found out I got over 80% for my exam that required the fairy writing of two posts ago… so, one high distinction and one distinction this semester for me (where is that dancing emoticon when you need it!)

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