Is that Octopusses or Octopi?

Liam kept saying Octopusses, and I kept telling him it’s Octopi, but it doesn’t look quite right written down! Anyway, there is only one Octopus on his new PJs, which are made from some lovely batik I’ve had lying around for ages – I always loved it but wasn’t quite sure what to do with it. Liam helped design the 8 legged creature.
This is not my own sewing but she looks so lovely I can’t leave her out – tonight was Laura’s dance concert so here she is in one of her 3 gorgeous costumes. All the costumes are beautifully made by the mother of the dance teacher, and by my count there would be over 1000 costumes!!
And here is the toiletries bag I made this afternoon. It is a present, but I decided since I wont say who it’s for that I will post a picture of it anyway. It’s a Laura Ashley print, with an overlay of clear plastic. I would love to have a go at one of these with piping ‘like the bought ones’ but I fear that would be mighty fiddly, hmmmm.



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