Motivation at last

You are reading a post from 2008. Part of my continuing efforts to transfer all the posts from my old blog into the archives of my new one.

Milly's new dress 8
Milly's new dress 9
Milly's new dress 7
Milly's new dress 2

Motivation – it is definitely a strange thing… It has basically been 5 months since I did much sewing, but suddenly I am on a roll again (Yay!)

I cut out this little crossover tunic top for Milly months ago, and finally sewed it up last week, along with a little matching pair of wool leggings. Laura liked it so much she wanted one too. I didn’t have pairs of buttons to match but I think they look nice and quirky with odd buttons.




The Raggedy Ann and Andy pants were a curtain, half of which I think I sent to Kerry in a swap (??). I love this little slouch pant pattern, it’s the same one as the spotty pants in my last post. And lo and behold I actually did have a pair of buttons that matched perfectly for this pair.

 I have one small piece of fabric with a Raggedy Ann and Andy pair on it, suitable of a applique on a shirt – put your hand up if you would like it!

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