Shop style

Laura was coveting a pink tartan pleated skirt, she had described her exact design to me and we were walking through the mall to buy the fabric. Two shops before we got to Lincraft we spied the perfect skirt on a sale rack at Supre of all places. It was just too perfect and too tempting, so we bought it, and with just a tiny tuck it fit!

Later, feeling wracked with guilt about buying a skirt made by poor Chinese slave labour, rather than making it, I decided to make a t-shirt to go with it even though it is usually just as cheap, and much easier, to buy t-shirts than to make them. I even had the exact right fabric lurking in my stash (it looks slightly grey photographed in the sunlight but is definitely black in reality).

I still find knit fabrics a challenge, even after years of practice and knowing in my head that I can sew them fine with a bit of attention to detail. So here it is, a simple t-shirt, but I am feeling rather smug about the shop-bought look of it and the nicely bound neckline and sleeves. The pattern is Ottobre 1/2007, #29, which is actually a leotard, but I just cut off the bottom section, et voila.


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