A quartet of shortettes

This is one of those moments when I get to justify my enormous and overflowing scrap-basket, which includes various bits and pieces from the last 15 years of sewing.

Some of them have been through four house moves, like the tiny floral which was leftover from a dress for toddler Matilda. Some are more recent, like the blue floral, which was in a $2 bag of sheeting offcuts I scored at the op shop a couple of years ago. So many scraps means essentially free shorts for little Milly. My favourites are definitely the hippos, made from Ikea fabric which I thought was too rough and scratchy for delicate toddler legs, so I fully lined them with some very light soft voile (also from the scrap basket). I turned the hems and waistband outwards purely to stop the rough fabric from chafing and was rewarded with a rather serendipitous and charming cuffed effect.

The little top was made a few months ago from an Ottobre pattern and is not my best sewing but I’m attempting to catch up and blog all the 2008 sewing that missed out on its 10 seconds of fame.


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