Elephant frills

This dress from Ottobre 3/2009 looks like such a simple little thing to sew, but it actually ended up taking quite a few hours. I bound the underarms with bias binding I made from the contrast fabric, because past experience says that merely hemming such a curved edge leads to puckers. It was also tricky to hem the semi-circle sleeves and I needed to gather the edge first, plus the lower hem needed gathering slightly to get it to turn up neatly too. To top it off I made a rouleau tie to put through the top casing instead of using ribbon, so that took longer too. Not to mention there was a lot of careful measuring and ironing to get all the casings looking even. I have to say I don’t think the Ottobre instructions for this one are adequate enough to ensure a nice finish if you weren’t an experienced sewer. I love, love, love the fabric though, and the dancing it inspires.

It is Vera Bradley fabric, bought on Etsy, and is beautiful and soft and light. I can see this being worn for years, since the top can be loosened off as the girl grows, and will look nice over pants as it gets shorter. You must excuse the model’s ratty hair and dirty face, it has been a long hot day!!

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