I hate hats.


I really do hate making hats, yet for some reason I keep making them. As you can see this hat is made from the leftovers of the dress from a couple of posts back. The dress is a vintage pattern, an anomaly in vintage patterns in fact because they usually run small, but I made this 2 years ago and it was massively too big. I finished it off a few weeks ago by finally adding the straps and it is just right. The straps were supposed to be tie-at-the-shoulder, but wouldn’t stay up, so I have made them twice as long and ruched them over stiff elastic so as to make them stay on Milly’s shoulders.The fabric is lovely light voile and it makes a perfect summer outfit with little short leggings.

The skirt for me was a tiny size 6 ankle length denim skirt, which I picked up in an op shop for a couple of dollars. I have chopped off about half a metre from the top of it to make it knee length, and to make it fit non-size-6 me, then added a side zip and button. I didn’t have any fabric to match for the waist band but I won’t ever be wearing anything tucked into it so it doesn’t matter. I wore it to staff training today and regretted it because I had to keep my knees together all day LOL! Otherwise I am quite delighted with it.

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