Party Time

Last weekend we decided to kill two birds with one stone and have Liam’s 8th birthday party and Milly’s 4th birthday party all in one day.
Hers was in the morning and his was at 3pm.
Laura and I spent the week cooking up a storm and making things like little Gingerbread men to give as party favours.
 I borrowed a big parachute from the toylibrary for the kids to play with, and both 4 year olds and 8 year olds had lots of fun with it.Laura did face painting for the little ones, and a friend of hers came and painted nails.
They played pass the parcel and what’s the time Mr wolf?
For the little ones’ party we had lots of little patty cakes – pink ones with white hearts on them, tiny flower marshmallow cakes, colour iced ones with Tinkerbell decals, and fairy bread cut out in the shape of a heart.
They had a big punch bowl with apple and blackcurrant juice and lemonade punch in it, and elegant pink glasses to drink from (we only had one spill!) Milly’s cake was a mermaid reclining on a rock – made from an op-shopped Bratz dolly on top of a couple of layered cakes.The children took home gingerbread men, an animal balloon, a little flask of bubble mixture and a candy bracelet watch.

The rowdy 8 year olds in the afternoon were a shock to the system after the delightful 4 and 5 year olds, but we kept them busy with things like the chocolate eating game, musical newspapers, and the parachute. Their food was movie themed – little containers of popcorn popped in my air-popper (health quotient negated with lots of butter and salt) with ribbons tied around them.
We had mini hotdogs made from cheerio sausages in little buffet rolls, cans of creaming soda and lemonade, lollies, and ice cream cones with choctops (ice magic) or fizzy rocks on top.
Liam asked for a Mario cake, which I had a lot of fun making. The kids took home gingerbread men, popcorn, a balloon if they wanted one, andglow sticks.Happy Birthday to my lovely Liam and Milly!!

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