Little Red Riding Hood Birthday Party


Little Red Riding Hood drawing ©thesedaysarefew.

A slightly belated birthday party for Milly’s birthday to coincide with Into the Woods Junior – We took five little 6 year olds to the theatre after a yummy morning tea and cake. One of the guests was gluten free so I did my best to accommodate her with fairy floss, and gluten free marshmallows, biscuits, and fruit with dipping chocolate. It was all served up at the small table with a cute table cloth and the most adorable red riding hood plates (egg and toast plates but perfect for little ones as dippping plates!) They were so sweet at their little table.

To kick it all off, Laura did a gorgeous invitation – I’m pretty impressed with such lovely artwork from a 13yo. I don’t seem to have taken a photo of the party birthday cake, oops, but this is the family one we had earlier in the week.


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