Steampunk pirate


Catching up on posting my steampunk pirate outfit which I sewed for my work Mad Hatters’ Ball last year. I didn’t really take enough photos on the night and had intended to dress up again and take some more, but of course it hasn’t happened so I figured I better get on and blog what I’ve got.

The blouse is a lovely ruffled blouse I picked up at the Salvos. Actually a bit tight but perfect for a busty pirate look under a waistcoat. The earrings, leather belt, and leather pouch are also all thrifted.

I’m thrilled with the waistcoat. I wanted a leather look, but didn’t want to be uncomfortable and to be honest didn’t really want to sew leather. This raw silk was on the sell out table at Spotlight and I got it ridiculously cheap. I’m biased but I think it works beautifully. I hacked a New Look 6839 view B by extending one side of the front into a crossover and fastening it with purchased buckles. Regretfully I don’t have a photo of the back but it’s laced with eyelets and black ribbon.

The hat was bought in Target and is just a plain floppy hat to which I added braid and feathers and turned into a tricorne. I’m also wearing a medallion with a Galifrey design which Milly bought at Comic Con last year, and fingerless mittens which I made from some thick ruched elastic. The boots are my beautiful lace-up Rockport boots which I have owned for about 8 years now, having resoled them a couple of times already. I adore them.

And finally, the skirt is an Ottobre skirt, sewn from a quilting cotton, cut off short so it’s longer at the back, and a couple of ruffles gathered on. I topped it off with a wooden sword belonging to my son and felt very swashbuckling indeed. Our whole team did the pirate thing and had a ball (dad joke!)


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