Easy riding


This morning I had a work meeting up the West end of Grote St, followed immediately by an appointment at the East end of North Terrace (too many compass points in that sentence no doubt). I really didn’t feel like cycling to work today, the cat had pooed in the kitchen and vomited on the dining room table (yes, that wretch in the picture – good thing we love him!) and I’m the muggins that had to clean it up. But in the end it was just easier to cycle than the alternatives – ie take the car and have to pay for parking, or take the train and have to waste time walking all the way from North Terrace to Grote St and back.

I’m quite taken with the idea that I would think it easier to ride all the way to town and back than to drive. I can imagine some of my colleagues rolling their eyes at the whole idea. So then I thought, what makes it easy? I like my bike,  I like cycling, the route is safe and easy, it was good weather, I could ride in my work clothes and be suitably dressed for work, I had a good podcast ready to go. That’s one of the secrets of motivation really – the benefits and enjoyment have to outweigh the alternative. Now I have to work out how I might convince myself to genuinely think of getting up early to run as better than the alternative.

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