Bright yellow summer days

I must say, I’m really pleased with this outfit, so bright and cool for work in summer! The shirt is a shirt dress I bought on sale and chopped off to turn into a shirt, and the skirt, which I sewed, is exactly how I had pictured a skirt to match. It’s Ottobre women 2007, in a medium weight waffle fabric with quite an open weave, which I bought from the furnishing section of Spotlight. The lining is just a cotton poplin, also from Spotlight. I just love the cute little patch pockets on this skirt. The pattern was a 42 – I measured up and cut what I thought was the right size but when I got to sewing it up I had to take in 10 cm worth of seam allowance so I’m not sure if that was because I’d misjudged how much I added for seam allowance, or because the fabric, although not stretchy, has a fair bit of give. I’d already sewn the back pockets on when I realised so they are a little closer together in the back than they are supposed to be. No one would notice but me though (and you now I’ve told you, oops). I interfaced both sides of the yoke panel which has given it a good weight to not fold over as lighter weight yokes can be inclined to do. I also fully lined the front pockets as I think that gives a better finish than trying to turn under a hem on the pocket curve at the bottom of the pocket.


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