Adelaide Botanic Gardens


Sometimes I feel sad for my 10 year old that she didn’t get parents who love the outdoors like she does. She would like to be out in the open air, gardening, or hiking, or doing other environmental-ish stuff. While I would prefer to be tucked away sewing or reading, or doing indoorsy stuff like going to the cinema, art gallery or op shops. It’s not that I hate the outdoors completely, I like cycling on bike paths, and I love a cold blustery beach walk, or sitting in the sun by the swimming pool while the child has her swimming lesson with nothing required of me but to relax. Today however even I enjoyed the magnificent weather and the abundant Spring greeness.

We took the train to the Adelaide Botanic Gardens and Milly gave me a two hour full guided tour of the grounds, repeating what I reckon was word for word the description of Aboriginal plant lore and customs that she’d learned on her school excursion last week. I am pretty damn impressed with what she knows, clever little chook. She even allowed me five minutes to explore the Botanic Museum, which despite having been to the Botanic Gardens many times, I’ve somehow never been inside. It is a treasure trove, with some amazing textiles and handwork from centuries past. I will have to go back without the junior explorer, who told me I was like a child when I begged to stay a bit longer. Isn’t the neck ornament amazing – it’s over 100 years old. As is the dilly bag – gorgeous, delicate, even weaving from plant fibre!


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