Accidentally Christmassy

I’ve come across a few bloggers lately lamenting their obsession with prints at the expense of plains, and I have to admit I’m another. I’m a sucker for a gorgeous pattern and can’t summon the same enthusiasm for sewing plains. So here’s one attempt to redress the balance. Milly and I had a nice little shopping spree at the Pumpkin Patch closing down sale the other day – it’s sad that Pumpkin Patch is closing down but we did get some bargains. And I must admit I haven’t shopped there hardly at all in recent years.

Of course everything we bought is pretty patterns so Milly needed some plains to match. This top is intended to go with a lovely blue and red print skirt, but today the model decided to wear a plain green pair of shorts we also bought at PP. I emphasise she’s only accidentally Christmassy in red and green because anyone who knows me will tell you I’m not a fan of Christmas until closer to Christmas Day, it’s still Advent doncha know!

This is Ottobre 1/2009, the Tintti top (pictured above in the magazine in grey). Almost nothing like the original as it’s intended to be sewn in jersey and I left out the waist gathering and used cotton and satin that I had lying around the house. I think I bought the red originally intending it for cotton lining, and the navy has been in my scrap basket since the beginning of time. Attempting to allow for non stretch fabric for a knit pattern, I went up a size, then had a stuff-up with the armhole seam allowance and binding which I won’t go into, resulting in yet another garment that was way too big. So pleats to the rescue, I put a single pleat both front and back and saved the top from eternally falling off her shoulders.

At the last minute I succumbed to temptation, and unable to resist the lure of decoration I  added some machine embroidery across the front. It’s still a plain top, and will match the style of the skirt, with just a little bit of pretty added on!


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