Kawaii Koi



Just two weeks ago the primary school sent home a note announcing a ‘Cherry Blossom Japanese Dress-up Day’ to celebrate the last yr 4/5 Japanese class of the year. Because parents don’t have enough on their plates with school concerts, dancing concerts and rehearsals, stressed teenagers doing exams, work Christmas parties, secret santas to organise, extra-curricular break-ups, school awards nights, end of year masses and not to forget present buying. Not! Of course the note said ‘don’t go to any trouble’. Because most families have something Japanese that happens to fit said child lying around the house. Not!

Despite my sarcasm I do actually love a themed dress-up day and the opportunity to sew something fun.  Even better, I had a piece of Japanese Koi fabric left over from a skirt I sewed recently (as yet unblogged since the zip broke the first time I wore it). No pattern, just some ribbon purchased for the straps, and I rustled up this cute little apron/top. Being the second week of Summer we kinda thought it would be warm weather, but you can probably tell in the photos that it’s cold, wet and blowing a gale today. I won’t complain since I’m not a fan of the heat, but it’s very odd indeed for an Adelaide December. Even the cats lurked inside and watched out the window. The top looks very cute worn over a black t-shirt with black boots, although Milly tells me it’s not cute, the Japanese word is Kawaii – Kawaii Koi!

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