Happy Star Wars Premiere!


Last night we went to the premiere of the new Star Wars movie Rogue One. Although technically it wasn’t last night at all, it was at 12am this morning. Strangely I’m not even that much of a Star Wars fan but it’s all about the experience – these midnight screenings are always so much fun. This was no exception, with a huge crowd and heaps of people in cosplay. An even nerdier crowd than I expected too (a colleague I said that to asked what that says about me…). I made an R2D2 skirt which I haven’t had time to take photos of yet, and wore it with a black t-shirt, accessorized with this little C-3PO brooch.  He’s just a Lego mini-fig with a brooch pin sewed on the back.  I anchored the thread with a slip knot through the hole on one of the legs then wound the thread backwards and forwards from the leg holes and around his neck (poor C-3PO!) Then once I had that thread in place creating a solid foundation up and down his back, I used a second piece of thread to sew on the brooch pin. He’s pretty cute.

We didn’t get home until 3am so I’m claiming sleep deprivation as the reason I thought it was a good idea to wear the brooch to work today with regular work clothes.  What is very weird though is that only one person seemed to notice.  Or perhaps they noticed and thought how weird and didn’t say anything!


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