Holiday Workplans

I’m on ho-liii-dayyy!! 24 whole days until I have to go back to work! And oh I have such plans for my holidays. Here’s what I would like to make. I don’t suppose I’ll get it all done but I’m going to give it a red hot try.

1. Finish the slouchy elastic waist and cuff pants I started making earlier this week. They are a very cool Aboriginal style dot print in rayon.


2. Make a pair of knee length leggings out of this lovely dandelion cotton knit in the hope it will stop my blog tag making a liar out of me and get me over my running slump. I’ve got some mesh to match with it and I’ve asked Laura to draw me a design.


3. Sew up something beautiful out of this amazing pure silk which I got from an op shop. It didn’t photograph well but it’s beautiful. I want to wear it to my uncle’s 80th birthday party in Sydney in January but I haven’t worked out what to make yet. There’s 4 metres so pretty much anything is on the table. All suggestions welcome!


4. Make a couple of dresses for Milly. We’re going to a performance of Sense and Sensibility in the Garden at Beaumont House in January so something pretty out of this pattern is the plan. It will necessitate buying some fabric, what a hardship hey!? Maybe I can shop when I’m in Sydney – I’d love to hear if anyone has any tips on where to shop.

5. This gorgeous purple floral is going to be sewn up in a 1960s vintage dress pattern. I made the same pattern last January from some hot air balloon fabric and haven’t blogged it yet. I know it will be glorious in this pattern so it will probably be my Sense and Sensibility dress. It’s much purpler than it looks in the photo.


6. This is a very pretty stretch poly peacock print. I’m not quite sure yet what this will be. Maybe the wrap dress from the latest Ottobre women’s. Or maybe this vintage style pattern I picked up at an op shop?


7. Laura wants me to make her a pinafore out of this funky bird fabric. It’s a heavy velour and I have about 4 metres of it, bought for something like $3 a metre from the Spotlight sale table. It’s the wrong season of course but I might make it if I have time. I do intend to make myself a skirt out of it as well eventually.


8. I’m very impatiently waiting for a Spoonflower shipment which I ordered on 27th November but still hasn’t arrived. There’s no hope of it coming until the first week of January now but when it does get here it will include this wonderful cactus flower lycra to make Milly swimwear – a rashie and pants.


9. There will definitely be something I haven’t bought yet since it’s always fun to buy something and sew it straight away. Plus I’d love to make a bag if I get time and I have a heap of very lovely wool felt that is calling to me.

So that’s the challenge.I feel like I should say ready, set, go!

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