70s Pattern Haul


Four grooooovy 70s patterns and one chic 90s pattern. All picked up at the Salvos last weekend on a quick scouting mission. I think they’re all from the same donor as they’re all carefully wrapped in plastic and sticky taped the same way.  So thank-you Peggy Charteris of Queenstown for looking after them so well. I got some lovely light corduroy as well in a beautiful red colour.


I adore the boiler suit look of the girl in yellow Simplicity 5125 and her blue shoes are wonderful. The red cap is very fetching too. It’s from 1972 and the hairstyles are groovy, man.



Style 2631 is from 1979 and reminds me of the hair styles and dresses my more grown up cousins wore that year. Style 1842 is clearly aiming for more sophisticated with the blue wedges and Charlie’s Angels hair. I especially love the pockets on these dresses.



I’m envious of those black t-bar shoes in Style 1233. This one is 1975. I’m not sure I could imagine ever sewing this one but you never know.

And the Vogue, I love it. It’s from 1992, the year I was married. I could imagine sewing some version of the jacket although I might have to alter it and ditch the shoulder pads!

I had assumed the Queenstown on the address stamp was in New Zealand, but when I Googled the address it turns out it’s in South Africa.  So now I’m imagining Peggy moving to Australia with her small children (well someone made that squiggle). Maybe fleeing apardheit. Then settling in the Adelaide Hills where she shopped at Fabrics Plus in Blackwood in the 90s. The 17yo just called my investigations ‘stalkerish much?’ But I just love to imagine how these patterns fitted into someone else’s sewing journey!




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