The Guilty Camera Case



I’m not really someone who’s prone to mother guilt, or at least I try not to be, but one thing that does always pull at the guilt strings is when I feel like one of my four kids is missing out on something that the others got. When my older three children have been on school camps, they’ve always had a camera to take with them. And the resulting photos are hardly works of art but they’ve meant some wonderful memories are recorded forever.


img_0398Soon my youngest is headed off on her first camp and all electronics are forbidden except for cameras. Which is all well and good, except that since her next oldest sibling last went on a camp where electronics are banned (ie primary school camp, no hope of bans at high school), technology has moved on. We no longer owned a small cheap camera because these days we all have mobile phones (we do own a good camera, but we sure as hell aren’t sending that on camp with a 10 yo!) I may have been heard ranting along the lines of “who owns a camera these days?!?”, but in the end I gave in and bought a cheap camera from Target. Which of course needed a case… ie reason to sew something fun. Mother guilt FTW!




This took about an hour. I used the sweetest paisley scraps leftover from some overalls I made the same 10yo when she was a baby. The lining is the very last leftover bit of bamboo velour from my nappy making days and makes great padding for the camera. Gosh bamboo velour is such lush and beautiful fabric, it makes me want to buy some more and sew something from it! I cut two rectangles for the drawstring case. Then made a pocket for the front to hold the spare batteries, and added some elastic casings to stop them escaping. Plus a little flap with a snap hammered on (I have a gazillion snaps in my drawers, also from nappy and baby suit making days). A single layer of fabric for the casing around the top meant it was easier to thread the elastic through. Sadly I only had black elastic and a black thingy-ma-jig to tighten it with but it looks pretty sweet I think. So here’s hoping the 10yo captures lots of great memories on film at camp.







3 thoughts on “The Guilty Camera Case

  1. I’m going to pinch this idea and make a camera bag for my little camera as the boring black one just says blah to me. Thank you so much for putting up the images….. I’m going to line mine with a new face flannel I think as it’s often a bit damp here in England….. thanks so much


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