Blue Sailboats


Quick post of a dress I made just before Christmas. It’s funny I don’t think this dress is the most flattering thing I own but I’ve worn it a lot this summer.  I wore it to my uncle’s 80th in Sydney, and have worn it quite a lot to work on hot days – it’s quite heavy fabric but I think it might be a linen cotton mix as it feels very comfy in the heat. The weight of the fabric means the pleated skirt has a bit of body and flares nicely. And it is most excellent for cycling in because it’s heavy enough not to blow up and show ones knickers!




The pattern is actually a complete hack of the pattern I made my bicycles dress from.  The bodice of that one is a cross over but it fit so nicely I just overlaid the pattern pieces and used them for this one.  Then the skirt is just randomly pleated by me until I got something I was happy with. It doesn’t really wrinkle like that in the back, that’s just me posing weirdly.

There’s a side zip and  lapped press stud closure hidden inside the side pleats, modeled on the pattern for the other vintage dress I sewed recently. I like this better with a cardie than without so with the heavier fabric I think I might continue to wear it a bit in winter with tights.






9 thoughts on “Blue Sailboats

  1. That closure is fascinating and I love the way the press studs for the skirt part are completely hidden in the pleats. I was looking at the first picture with the zip trying to work out where on earth the press studs were lurking – it really is very neat!


  2. Beautiful material that works so well in this vintage style. The colour and cut are superb on you, I also really like the cardigan you wear with it the colours really work together well.
    I struggle to do up side zips myself but they look so fab on a dress.


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