Runaway Baby


This is the baby who did not want to be photographed! She wanted to look at the “Bubby” on the camera screen instead. I was desparately trying to get a standing up back shot so Novy could see how the dress sits, but I had to settle for a running away back shot instead, hmmm… This little dress is reversible, which means if Milly gets it dirty while we’re out I can just switch sides… and voila, clean dress. The fabrics were both remnants from my stash and the buttons were out of my button jar 🙂

How not to save money…

I decided that as I have spent so much money on fabric lately, I really ought to prove that sewing saves me money, by recycling some old jeans into a pair of overalls. The plan was going well – take a pair of old jeans, some paisley corduroy I bought for $2 / metre at the end of winter, use an Ottobre pattern that I already have, use old sample swatches for the applique – alas I had forgotten the pull of ‘the perfect button’… I am such a sucker for a beautiful button!! Don’t go near Lincraft anybody, they have the most gorgeous range of new buttons. So all up – overalls, about 50c, buttons $7 *blush*.

Getting Faster


washer washer-002-0

And another pair – seemed like a good pattern, so I left out a lot of the panels and kept the basic shape and here they are 2 hours later.The gorgeous velour towelling is actually a couple of face washers I bought at Best and Less. The brown corduroy is some left-overs from tigerboy’s shorts from 2 years ago.Aren’t they so cute? Milly will be very snuggly!!

And cheap buttons this time – one on top of the other with contrasting thread.

Designer baby dress


A little voile baby dress made from some fabric I bought at Ferriers a while ago. I was feeling miserly that day and only bought 30cm because it was so expensive, so I almost didn’t have enough – had to fiddle with the layout for ages to fit the pattern pieces, and ended up with less gather than there should have been. I’m very pleased with the seam finishes – all seams enclosed with a french seam or otherwise bound. The ‘knots’ along the front are a strip of lining fabric, roll hemmed on both sides, then knotted and stitched on by hand.