Frodo and the one ring


Liam doing Book week 2012 as Frodo from Lord of the Rings. Waistcoat made from leftover corduroy. Grey school shorts and his sister’s white shirt. Cape is just a piece of green felt fastened with a fancy hair ornament from my collection.

Dress-ups for my Bloggerversary


This week was my bloggerversary – my blog is one year old! Which also means I have been in the EB sewing group for a bit over a year!! I looked back through my old blog posts and realised I have made over 60 things, not counting all the nappies and wipes I have also made. I’m quite sure I wouldn’t have made anywhere near that amount of stuff without our little sewing group to encourage me, and I wouldn’t have realised how many I’d made with out my blog as a record of what I’ve made – thanks ladies!!!!!  So, in a very unoriginal fashion, I will send a special surprise hand-sewn gift to someone who leaves a comment on this post …. so comment away, and you could win LOL!!!

These are the costumes I made for Book Week a couple of months ago. We were too rushed on the morning of the parade to get photos, so I have just got around to dressing the kids up again and taking proper photos. Here is Laura as ‘Heather the Violet Fairy’ from the Rainbow Magic series. Dress made by me out of some soft and stretchy purple stuff. I hacked a simple dress pattern for the square neck. Necklace and bracelet made by the fairy herself, and violet socks bought by order of the fairy from Myer LOL!


Liam was very pleased with himself to be going as a Jedi, and I was very pleased to have a relatively easy costume to make. He is wearing white pants which I actually ran up for Laura for summer from some stretch cotton. The brown drill cloak was an end of roll bargain from Spotlight made up to an Ottobre coat pattern. They are Laura’s boots, an op shop belt, and a very easy tunic made from some white cheesecloth that has been sitting around here for ages.

Finally, here is a rare shot of Matilda in the jodhpurs I made her. They are rather less tight fitting than is ‘expected’ but I had to strike a balance between the desired skin tight look, and wanting her not to grow out of them too quickly. It’s hard to see in the pic but they are a proper jodhpurs pattern with no inside leg seam and reinforcing patches over the inner leg. She is happily wearing her “Angels have the Phone Box” shirt from the Dr Who episode Blink. I have a shirt the same (she says with a Cheshire cat grin 😀 )