Happy Christmas!




A most lovely and peaceful Christmas was had by our family. After Midnight Mass at St Francis Xavier Cathedral the kids all slept in (*words only ever heard in a teenage household!) We are so blessed to be able to enjoy such a wonderful Christmas dinner to celebrate Jesus’ birth.

Yesterday the kids immersed themselves in their gifts, and I spent the day working on #9 on my list and watching my holiday viewing, Breaking Bad (first time watching and wow). Here are the pretty results of my efforts. They’re all copied from designs I found on Pinterest. The wool felt is from Two Blue Birdies and is beautiful to work with.

Laura asked me why I’m making decorations when Christmas is over, but of course Christmas has really just begun.

Bunting everywhere!



And I am one of the lucky ones who got some (bunting, that is) VBG 🙂 This gorgeous bunting was sent to me by Karen in the EB Secret Santa – how lucky am I!! I love the colours, and the beautiful brocade, and the sweet red and white gingham!! I have strung it up above where our Christmas tree will go when we put it up, and I will put some tinsel along the ugly old curtain rail. I think I might buy some wooden pegs to hold it in place instead of how I have done it just now. She also sent me these adorable peg reindeer – you can tell how lovable they are because Liam has alread nicked the fourth one and hidden it in his bedroom LOL! And, yes there’s more, two lovely big bundles of ric rac in blue and red, which are perfect to go with some fabric I bought the other day (it is the same as something on Four Star’s blog). They all came packaged in the green and white gingham they are resting on. Thank-you Karen, I absolutely love it!!!! I should add that I have also not forgotten that you won my blogerversary draw, and now that it is holidays I shall get onto that project.

Since this is my blog and I can write what I like, I shall indulge in some shameless bragging and tell the world that I just found out I got over 80% for my exam that required the fairy writing of two posts ago… so, one high distinction and one distinction this semester for me (where is that dancing emoticon when you need it!)

“Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…”


This is the beginnings of my advent tree, styled on this one at Allsorts. I love it, but unfortunately it is still very much a WIP and will probably be finished around the 24th! Lucky then, I was pointed in the direction of this clever little tutorial at The Small Object, so with some inspirations from Andrea and Cass, Laura and I made some little Christmas tree ornaments. I am a bit scared of glue LOL, so I stuck my semi-circles together with double sided iron on tape, then put a pipe cleaner through the middle to keep them together and hold a bead on top.

Hansel and Gretel eat your heart out

It mightn’t be sewing but it felt creative. Laura, Liam and I assembled and decorated a Gingerbread house this afternoon. Never having melted sugar before, I was pleased that it worked well and glued it together very easily. I had to dig around in the draw for 10 minutes unearthing the piping bag which has been used about twice in 10 years, then it split anyway and I realised too late that I should have iced the sides before constructing of the house – oh well……. so only the top got iced but the smarties made up for it!! We used the extra icing as ‘snow’ around the house, and the kids had great fun putting chicco men in the snow and making footsteps for them. We ate the house as dessert and when the roof caved in from too many bits broken off, Liam proclaimed it an earthquake and said all the chicco men had been killed (!) and he knocked them flat LOL.
Laura has also been doing some sewing of her own – putting together a ballerina doll kit and a teddy bear kit she got from one of her grandmas for Christmas. She did the doll almost all on her own and the teddy completely on her own!!

Christmas is here!

Some beautiful Christmas decorations arrived in the mail from my Essential Baby Secret Santa. I do not know who made them, but they are just gorgeous, and have been lovingly hung on our tree by Liam, Matilda and Laura. Little Milly looked on in amazement at all the bright sparkly colours.
Liam has worked himself up into a frenzy of excitement and cannot wait until Christmas day! He keeps shaking the presents under the tree and trying to work out what’s in them. He has also let slip to Matilda what he bought for her and has told me what he bought for me – of course when I say ‘bought’ I use the term loosely, since in fact he has no money with which to buy anything LOL! Sewing, alas, has fallen by the wayside, grudgingly replaced by hours spent aimlessly searching the shops for the perfect gift. My parents are here and we have had outings to museums, concerts and the like, after which I fall in a heap in front of the computer :). Happy Christmas – It’s Jesus’ Birthday!!