Happy Christmas!




A most lovely and peaceful Christmas was had by our family. After Midnight Mass at St Francis Xavier Cathedral the kids all slept in (*words only ever heard in a teenage household!) We are so blessed to be able to enjoy such a wonderful Christmas dinner to celebrate Jesus’ birth.

Yesterday the kids immersed themselves in their gifts, and I spent the day working on #9 on my list and watching my holiday viewing, Breaking Bad (first time watching and wow). Here are the pretty results of my efforts. They’re all copied from designs I found on Pinterest. The wool felt is from Two Blue Birdies and is beautiful to work with.

Laura asked me why I’m making decorations when Christmas is over, but of course Christmas has really just begun.

Crafting from the house of illness

doll face


You’re reading a blog post from 2008, part of my continuing efforts to transfer all the posts from my old blog onto my new one.

A vomiting bug has hit our household, but Liam (the only one who is well, he has the constitution of an ox that boy) has a party to go to tomorrow, and I had only just started on the gift for his little friend. So even though my head is falling off I have spent today making this dolly. She is quite easy to make, with short-cuts like machine-sewn hair. To make her special she is wearing the school uniform of the intended recipient.

laura hat


This is a cap that I knitted up for Miss Laura a week or so ago. It is knit with doubled yarn so it used more than I expected and I ran out before I finished. I couldn’t find any to match exactly but found a variegated yarn with the exact shade in it.


And making a special appearance on my blog – my partner in crime – wearing his scarf which was whipped up on instructions from the chiro to keep his neck warm. He loves it!