I hate hats.


I really do hate making hats, yet for some reason I keep making them. As you can see this hat is made from the leftovers of the dress from a couple of posts back. The dress is a vintage pattern, an anomaly in vintage patterns in fact because they usually run small, but I made this 2 years ago and it was massively too big. I finished it off a few weeks ago by finally adding the straps and it is just right. The straps were supposed to be tie-at-the-shoulder, but wouldn’t stay up, so I have made them twice as long and ruched them over stiff elastic so as to make them stay on Milly’s shoulders.The fabric is lovely light voile and it makes a perfect summer outfit with little short leggings.

The skirt for me was a tiny size 6 ankle length denim skirt, which I picked up in an op shop for a couple of dollars. I have chopped off about half a metre from the top of it to make it knee length, and to make it fit non-size-6 me, then added a side zip and button. I didn’t have any fabric to match for the waist band but I won’t ever be wearing anything tucked into it so it doesn’t matter. I wore it to staff training today and regretted it because I had to keep my knees together all day LOL! Otherwise I am quite delighted with it.

Holidays are over

Well my 2 weeks holiday from work is nearly over and I have sewed frantically the entire time. I now need a holiday, but I do feel a great sense of satisfaction at how much I got done. I still haven’t blogged everything I made but here are some more.
This is a shirt I cut out about a year ago, and realised was going to be massively too big so it got shoved in the UFO pile. It is still too big for 6yo Liam, but should be just right next winter. I French-seamed the sleeves just in case he wanted to wear it in Summer with them rolled up and sure enough he likes it so much he wore it to a birthday party on Sunday. The close-ups were taken indoors and seem to be showing the colour more accurately onscreen – it is more purple than blue. The boy did have a moment of looking skeptical and said, “it has flowers on it”, but I just informed him it is paisley not flowers and he seems to be ok with that :p

The shorts are the same pattern as the shorts I posted in my very first blog post. I love this pattern and I love the groovy guitar fabric. It is the same fabric I sent to my EB secret santa last year – I couldn’t resist some for me too!

The hat I cut out a while ago from the scraps of some very cool trousers that I sewed in about 1999. I had endless trouble with the curves not fitting each other, but persevered until they fit in the end. Apparently it is very popular with the other girls at childcare – so much so that Milly keeps telling me, most indignantly, “it’s my hat, NOT Ella’s hat. It’s my hat, not Anne’s hat…LOL! As long as she doesn’t share it with any nits I’ll be happy.

Catching up

Gradually catching up with the clothes I’ve made but not yet photographed. I made this pinnie a few weeks ago to wear over a plain black dress. The fabric is one I have had for aaaages and was just waiting for the perfect thing to use it for. Milly wore it to church last night and got too hot so insisted on taking it off, then she wanted to strip off completely ROFL!


This is a hat I made for the eldest child, but modelled here by #2. I whipped it up one evening and had no interfacing for the brim so I used tulle which I think has worked quite well.

And finally, look what I have been doing this afternoon – knitting a beard! Liam needs a Santa costume for Tuesday night, but he said all the hat/beard combos we looked at were too scratchy, so I hit on the idea of knitting a beard out of feathers yarn. It only took about an hour and it’s  lovely and soft to wear. Modelled here with his Spider-Man PJs!

Crafting from the house of illness

doll face


You’re reading a blog post from 2008, part of my continuing efforts to transfer all the posts from my old blog onto my new one.

A vomiting bug has hit our household, but Liam (the only one who is well, he has the constitution of an ox that boy) has a party to go to tomorrow, and I had only just started on the gift for his little friend. So even though my head is falling off I have spent today making this dolly. She is quite easy to make, with short-cuts like machine-sewn hair. To make her special she is wearing the school uniform of the intended recipient.

laura hat


This is a cap that I knitted up for Miss Laura a week or so ago. It is knit with doubled yarn so it used more than I expected and I ran out before I finished. I couldn’t find any to match exactly but found a variegated yarn with the exact shade in it.


And making a special appearance on my blog – my partner in crime – wearing his scarf which was whipped up on instructions from the chiro to keep his neck warm. He loves it!