My Grace cardigan


I’m such a dreadfully uncommitted knitter.  I love planning and starting but I have finishing issues. Consequently I haven’t attempted a grown-ups garment in quite a while. But when I spotted the lovely Grace pattern in early 2016 I got swept up with enthusiasm and knitted up a storm for a several weeks. I was watching Lost (and the young Ian Somerhalder 😋 ) and staying up too late for just another row… Then of course the enthusiasm waned, as usual, for both Lost and the knitting, and by April I’d stopped half way through season 3, and stuck my lovely cardigan in a cupboard. Just 2/3 of a sleeve and a rib band short of finishing.



I finally picked it up again a couple of weeks ago and am so pleased to have finished it up just in time for Me Made May.

It knit up pretty smoothly with just a couple of mistakes. I did the sleeve decreases in line with the top of where the underarm sleeve stitches were picked up instead of in the middle, which means they’re towards the back of the sleeve instead of under the arm, but no one would notice but me. And I miscounted the button hole spacing so they’re too close together at the neckline.  It doesn’t matter though, I’ve left the buttons off the top as I’d never be likely to do them up anyway. They’re gorgeous buttons.  I searched three shops to find them and am very pleased with the outcome.



I think this cardie will be the saviour of my Me Made May since I don’t have many me made jackets or knits. If you haven’t heard of Me Made May check it out on So Zo’s blog.

I’m all enthused now to start another knit.  Here’s hoping I can finish it quicker than this one!


Bunny Knitting

rabbit2   bunty-7

I’ve been gripped by a sudden urge to knit small toys. I hope this isn’t a sign of impending old age, although I do quite fancy myself one of those vigorous old ladies who is always knitting soft toys and baby matinee jackets for the op shop she volunteers at! I think the current appeal is that they come together in an adorable finished product in double quick time. This is a bonus when you’re busy! Milly is of course thrilled with her new rabbits and urging me to do more.

The rabbit in the swimsuit is a Debi Birkin pattern Bunty Rabbit Goes Swimming. And the smaller  rabbit is Bunny Girl in a Blue Dress by Julie Williams. I do adore her patterns. If you haven’t seen her blog Little Cotton Rabbits go check it out, she is amazing. The stripey yarn is a Patons 4 ply cotton yarn intending for crocheting doily type stuff, but it worked out really well with the stripes on the rabbit legs. And I do love the little heart buttons on her shoes.

Knitting goodness

What is the one thing guaranteed to inspire a bit of knitting?
Procrastinating about an assignment for which the due date is imminent!
The weekend my uni work was due I got these pants knitted (and the assignment done). I’m consequently now on a knitting kick and have whipped up this little pinny, AND two more lots of lovely wool are currently winging their way to my needles.
The model was being particularly disobliging but still looks rather cute. The stripey pants look a bit short but they’re good with boots on, and I have a left-over ball of wool I can extend them with when she grows.
The pinny was fun, and knit up very fast in lovely thick yarn. The maths involved just about did my head in, but at least it did result in even holes in the end.

Catching up

Gradually catching up with the clothes I’ve made but not yet photographed. I made this pinnie a few weeks ago to wear over a plain black dress. The fabric is one I have had for aaaages and was just waiting for the perfect thing to use it for. Milly wore it to church last night and got too hot so insisted on taking it off, then she wanted to strip off completely ROFL!


This is a hat I made for the eldest child, but modelled here by #2. I whipped it up one evening and had no interfacing for the brim so I used tulle which I think has worked quite well.

And finally, look what I have been doing this afternoon – knitting a beard! Liam needs a Santa costume for Tuesday night, but he said all the hat/beard combos we looked at were too scratchy, so I hit on the idea of knitting a beard out of feathers yarn. It only took about an hour and it’s  lovely and soft to wear. Modelled here with his Spider-Man PJs!


I have been in an odd frame of mind the last few weeks. For some reason I fell into thinking I couldn’t blog XY&Z because I haven’t got around to photographing AB&C… consequently nothing has been getting blogged. So, here is what I have photos of, the rest will just have to wait!
First, some froggy pants for Milly with a matching T-shirt. I am a bit wary of making t-shirts ‘cos I find it so hard to get a professional finish on the neck bindings with my little old machine, but I had this piece of dark green knit lying around which went with the pants and it is pretty hard to get a green t-shirt for a two year old girl otherwise. It looks black in the photo but is really a lovely forest green. I’m so pleased with how well the applique has turned out. I used double sided iron-on to stick it to the shirt then zigzagged around the edges with my machine. The fabric of the applique is lovely too – it’s from Fabric Tales, a gorgeous Japanese online fabric store.

Secondly, the alpaca jumper for Milly which I promised myself would be finished a week from when I blogged about it, and sure enough it was finished but took 2 months to be blogged. I bought this alpaca a year ago for my birthday and didn’t intend to knit something this big. I didn’t want to make a trip back to Hahndorf where I bought it so I found a red wool that is almost a perfect colour match, although the alpaca is much lighter in weight – can you see the difference? (Actually you can in this photo but not in daylight).


And the last thing I have photos of is this outfit of stripy cuffed pants and matching apron. I had it all finished and ironed ready to photograph. Milly was desperate to wear it, then she weed in it two seconds later *roll eyes*. So through the wash and back on without a press, never mind!

Crafting from the house of illness

doll face


You’re reading a blog post from 2008, part of my continuing efforts to transfer all the posts from my old blog onto my new one.

A vomiting bug has hit our household, but Liam (the only one who is well, he has the constitution of an ox that boy) has a party to go to tomorrow, and I had only just started on the gift for his little friend. So even though my head is falling off I have spent today making this dolly. She is quite easy to make, with short-cuts like machine-sewn hair. To make her special she is wearing the school uniform of the intended recipient.

laura hat


This is a cap that I knitted up for Miss Laura a week or so ago. It is knit with doubled yarn so it used more than I expected and I ran out before I finished. I couldn’t find any to match exactly but found a variegated yarn with the exact shade in it.


And making a special appearance on my blog – my partner in crime – wearing his scarf which was whipped up on instructions from the chiro to keep his neck warm. He loves it!

LOVE is a comfy pair of Pajamas


You are reading a post from 2009, part of my continuing efforts to transfer all the posts from my old blog into the archives of my new blog.


Laura has a slumber party to go to next weekend and all her PJs were looking decidedly shabby. This is some lovely soft flannel I bought a year or so ago and a little top we picked up on super special sell-out in Pumpkin Patch (after visiting every single shop at out local Westfield looking for something to match!) Laura designed the letters herself and did the layout on the top – she has such an eye for what looks good that child!!

Miss Milly is resplendent in a hot pink hand-knitted jumper with feathers trim. I started knitting this over a year ago and was within a day or two of finishing it when I realised that it was going to be miles too big for her. I consequently lost all motivation to finish it and it has languished in a basket until I forced myself to get it out last week. It is now a perfect fit and as I expected, only took a couple of evenings to finish. As always when I finish knitting something I am keen to start something new, so I now have a very bright alpaca cardie on my needles – I am hoping that by publicly saying “I will finish this within a fortnight” that I will manage to stay on track with this one…!