Catching up

Gradually catching up with the clothes I’ve made but not yet photographed. I made this pinnie a few weeks ago to wear over a plain black dress. The fabric is one I have had for aaaages and was just waiting for the perfect thing to use it for. Milly wore it to church last night and got too hot so insisted on taking it off, then she wanted to strip off completely ROFL!


This is a hat I made for the eldest child, but modelled here by #2. I whipped it up one evening and had no interfacing for the brim so I used tulle which I think has worked quite well.

And finally, look what I have been doing this afternoon – knitting a beard! Liam needs a Santa costume for Tuesday night, but he said all the hat/beard combos we looked at were too scratchy, so I hit on the idea of knitting a beard out of feathers yarn. It only took about an hour and it’s  lovely and soft to wear. Modelled here with his Spider-Man PJs!