Upsized upcycling




I picked up these pants for Milly at the op shop on Saturday, but they were too small. I thought they would be, but it was half price day on blue labels, and at $4 I couldn’t pass them by. So… I unpicked a section of the back waistband and the back crotch seam part way. Then made a wedge shaped insert to widen the back. I added a section to the middle of the back waistband to fit across the new wedge bit, then sewed the belt keeper back on. The extra fabric came from the legs which I hacked off to turn the pants into shorts. Wouldn’t you know it, I was a bit enthusiastic with the wedge and they’re actually now too big, but, the handy thing is they have that hidden elastic thingy that some kid size shorts have, with holes in the elastic to pull them tighter and do up to a button on each side. Which means they can get pulled in and will probably fit until the child is a teenager!


Holidays are over

Well my 2 weeks holiday from work is nearly over and I have sewed frantically the entire time. I now need a holiday, but I do feel a great sense of satisfaction at how much I got done. I still haven’t blogged everything I made but here are some more.
This is a shirt I cut out about a year ago, and realised was going to be massively too big so it got shoved in the UFO pile. It is still too big for 6yo Liam, but should be just right next winter. I French-seamed the sleeves just in case he wanted to wear it in Summer with them rolled up and sure enough he likes it so much he wore it to a birthday party on Sunday. The close-ups were taken indoors and seem to be showing the colour more accurately onscreen – it is more purple than blue. The boy did have a moment of looking skeptical and said, “it has flowers on it”, but I just informed him it is paisley not flowers and he seems to be ok with that :p

The shorts are the same pattern as the shorts I posted in my very first blog post. I love this pattern and I love the groovy guitar fabric. It is the same fabric I sent to my EB secret santa last year – I couldn’t resist some for me too!

The hat I cut out a while ago from the scraps of some very cool trousers that I sewed in about 1999. I had endless trouble with the curves not fitting each other, but persevered until they fit in the end. Apparently it is very popular with the other girls at childcare – so much so that Milly keeps telling me, most indignantly, “it’s my hat, NOT Ella’s hat. It’s my hat, not Anne’s hat…LOL! As long as she doesn’t share it with any nits I’ll be happy.

A quartet of shortettes

This is one of those moments when I get to justify my enormous and overflowing scrap-basket, which includes various bits and pieces from the last 15 years of sewing.

Some of them have been through four house moves, like the tiny floral which was leftover from a dress for toddler Matilda. Some are more recent, like the blue floral, which was in a $2 bag of sheeting offcuts I scored at the op shop a couple of years ago. So many scraps means essentially free shorts for little Milly. My favourites are definitely the hippos, made from Ikea fabric which I thought was too rough and scratchy for delicate toddler legs, so I fully lined them with some very light soft voile (also from the scrap basket). I turned the hems and waistband outwards purely to stop the rough fabric from chafing and was rewarded with a rather serendipitous and charming cuffed effect.

The little top was made a few months ago from an Ottobre pattern and is not my best sewing but I’m attempting to catch up and blog all the 2008 sewing that missed out on its 10 seconds of fame.

The blog begins


Here begins my blog, which will be devoted to my creations (mostly sewing and knitting); my 4 beautiful children; and me rambling on (which I can do ad infinitum). Today I finished making a pair of shorts for Liam, dark stretch denim with emerald green striped patches, pattern Ottobre 2/2005 no 23 size 110. He is thrilled to bits and my Partner in Crime wants a pair the same 🙂  The top-stitching is a bit wonky in spots but otherwise I’m pretty happy with them. They are enormous so I think if I make them again soon I’ll make a size smaller.The baby is not yet 3 months old so it remains to be seen how much sewing will get done, but I’m optimistic for lots eventually!