LOVE is a comfy pair of Pajamas


You are reading a post from 2009, part of my continuing efforts to transfer all the posts from my old blog into the archives of my new blog.


Laura has a slumber party to go to next weekend and all her PJs were looking decidedly shabby. This is some lovely soft flannel I bought a year or so ago and a little top we picked up on super special sell-out in Pumpkin Patch (after visiting every single shop at out local Westfield looking for something to match!) Laura designed the letters herself and did the layout on the top – she has such an eye for what looks good that child!!

Miss Milly is resplendent in a hot pink hand-knitted jumper with feathers trim. I started knitting this over a year ago and was within a day or two of finishing it when I realised that it was going to be miles too big for her. I consequently lost all motivation to finish it and it has languished in a basket until I forced myself to get it out last week. It is now a perfect fit and as I expected, only took a couple of evenings to finish. As always when I finish knitting something I am keen to start something new, so I now have a very bright alpaca cardie on my needles – I am hoping that by publicly saying “I will finish this within a fortnight” that I will manage to stay on track with this one…!