Little Red Fox



Isn’t she just so adorable??! I have to keep going nawwww! every time I look at her. The pattern is ‘girl fox in a flowery frock‘ by Little Cotton Rabbits. The feet are awfully fiddly but worth the effort with their cuteness.


Seraphina the Mermaid


This project started when I bought some beautiful yarn, but when I tried to knit with it, it was too rough on the hands. I decided (as you do!) that it would make good mermaid hair, and designed this little mermaid to wear the yarn. I got as far as making the body, then the project stalled, and has sat, armless and hairless, on the shelf for two whole years! Finally, Laura took charge, and bullied me (coaxed me?) into finishing it off this afternoon, and has now named her Seraphina and taken possession of her. Laura also designed the bikini, stuffed the arms, and knotted some of the hair strands.