Bunny Knitting

rabbit2   bunty-7

I’ve been gripped by a sudden urge to knit small toys. I hope this isn’t a sign of impending old age, although I do quite fancy myself one of those vigorous old ladies who is always knitting soft toys and baby matinee jackets for the op shop she volunteers at! I think the current appeal is that they come together in an adorable finished product in double quick time. This is a bonus when you’re busy! Milly is of course thrilled with her new rabbits and urging me to do more.

The rabbit in the swimsuit is a Debi Birkin pattern Bunty Rabbit Goes Swimming. And the smaller  rabbit is Bunny Girl in a Blue Dress by Julie Williams. I do adore her patterns. If you haven’t seen her blog Little Cotton Rabbits go check it out, she is amazing. The stripey yarn is a Patons 4 ply cotton yarn intending for crocheting doily type stuff, but it worked out really well with the stripes on the rabbit legs. And I do love the little heart buttons on her shoes.