Doctor Who Tardis top – Giveaway

Tardis 2

Tardis 5

Yes that’s right, a giveaway! To celebrate the new season of Doctor Who which starts tomorrow, with a new companion no less, I am giving away this newly sewn item. Leave a comment below, or leave a comment on my instagram giveaway post (fionatelford-sharp on Instagram) saying why you would like a lovely toddler size 2 Tardis top, and I will choose a winner and announce it on Friday 21st April. If you’re a sewist I would love it if you also followed my blog or my instagram.

So why am I sewing size 2 toddler clothes when I haven’t had a toddler in my life since 2010? Well it all started with this amazing Doctor Who Tardis fabric from Trisha’s Fabric Store. The fabric was quite expensive – it took me until my third visit to commit, but when I did I bought some plain blue as well and whipped it up into leggings. I am totally in love with the leggings in their Tardis-y awesomeness (separate blog post still to come when I can be bothered taking some photos).

I was then left with a dilemma – enough leftovers of the gorgeous, expensive Tardis fabric to make something for a child but not for an adult or larger kid, and my kids are all of the larger kind now. And I couldn’t bear to see it go to waste, so the obvious solution seemed to make a small child’s top and give it away. I have to admit I now have an inkling why elderly ladies often spend their time knitting baby matinee jackets and bootees. I’d forgotten how satisfying, and relatively quick it is to sew cute little toddler clothes.

So if you’d like it, leave a comment, and I hope you win. I took it down to Target this morning and compared it and it’s a good match with their size 2 clothes. It has quite a high neckline and is lightweight t-shirt fabric. The colour was hard to photograph but is somewhere between the brightness of the outside shots and the washed out inside shots. I’ll post anywhere in the world. If you’re interested read on for the sewing details.



This is an Ottobre pattern, coincidentally from 2010, when I last had a toddler – magazine 4, pattern 5 ‘Loikka’. The fabric is cotton/ lycra knit. I knew I was planning to pass this on to someone else’s child so I made an extra effort at the finishing on the inside, top-stitching most of the seams with a double needle then trimming away the excess at the back. (How’s that for priorities, my own children get the slap dash efforts). The pattern called for ribbing at the cuffs and collar but I’ve just used the plain fabric itself, which worked well. I’m super pleased with how neat the finish is where the neck binding tapers next to the placket.

The Tardis applique has vliesofix ironed on the back then is ironed onto the garment and stitched down with a narrow zig-zag. I was going to do buttons on the placket but was a bit stymied when I remembered Spotlight are now only selling buttons in expensive packs of 5 or more, for at least $5 a packet. It’s a bit of a rort, if you ask me; surely a small blue button shouldn’t be more than 20c each? Anyway I did find some loose ones at Trisha’s but then discovered I had some snaps in my sewing drawer which look great – winning at hoarding sewing supplies šŸ™‚ It makes me smile to think eventually a cute little 2 year old child of Doctor Who fans like me will get to wear it!





8 thoughts on “Doctor Who Tardis top – Giveaway

  1. That is amazing! My daughter’s name is Clara, named after the most recent companion, and my name is Tegan, who was a companion in the 80’s. To say we are obsessed with Dr who would be an understatement! Clara would wear this top everywhere!

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    1. Hi Tegan, you are the winner. Can you please email me your details to thesedaysarefew at (obviously all one word with the @ symbol).


  2. The jumper looks amazing, great job! This would be absolutely gorgeous on my youngest. I have a couple of different Dr Who woven fabrics that I have been hoarding, but I’ve not seen a knit before. I love it.

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  3. So fun!! I love seeing all your sewing projects – you inspire me with your bold choices! My almost-two year old doesn’t know Dr. Who yet, but she’s a book-loving rascal and I have high hopes that one day she too will find it as entertaining as her parents do. Great work!

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