My Grace cardigan


I’m such a dreadfully uncommitted knitter.  I love planning and starting but I have finishing issues. Consequently I haven’t attempted a grown-ups garment in quite a while. But when I spotted the lovely Grace pattern in early 2016 I got swept up with enthusiasm and knitted up a storm for a several weeks. I was watching Lost (and the young Ian Somerhalder 😋 ) and staying up too late for just another row… Then of course the enthusiasm waned, as usual, for both Lost and the knitting, and by April I’d stopped half way through season 3, and stuck my lovely cardigan in a cupboard. Just 2/3 of a sleeve and a rib band short of finishing.



I finally picked it up again a couple of weeks ago and am so pleased to have finished it up just in time for Me Made May.

It knit up pretty smoothly with just a couple of mistakes. I did the sleeve decreases in line with the top of where the underarm sleeve stitches were picked up instead of in the middle, which means they’re towards the back of the sleeve instead of under the arm, but no one would notice but me. And I miscounted the button hole spacing so they’re too close together at the neckline.  It doesn’t matter though, I’ve left the buttons off the top as I’d never be likely to do them up anyway. They’re gorgeous buttons.  I searched three shops to find them and am very pleased with the outcome.



I think this cardie will be the saviour of my Me Made May since I don’t have many me made jackets or knits. If you haven’t heard of Me Made May check it out on So Zo’s blog.

I’m all enthused now to start another knit.  Here’s hoping I can finish it quicker than this one!

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