I called this blog These Days are Few because I have this sense of urgency, that there’s never enough time to do all the things I want to in this life – the things that I love and blog about. My work is with older people and challenges me daily with both the shortness of our time on earth, and the need to enjoy to the utmost while you can, and try and make time for what you love doing. These Days are Few is a paraphrasing of Job 14:1 and one of my favourite pieces of music the Rutter Requiem Agnus Dei

I sew (going on 30+ years of sewing now!) I love the creative process, working out the perfect pattern to match a fabric. Plus it means I get clothes I like, which fit, and which are not made in a sweatshop. I’m a big Ottobre fan, and like a bit of vintage sewing now and then. I used to have a very active sewing blog linked with an Essential Baby sewing group. Sadly it became neglected as the kids and I got older and busier, but I’m back on the sewing wagon again now, and really enjoying it. I’m gradually importing all my old blog posts into the Archives page of this new blog, and posting my new creations on my home page.

I like to op shop, and source ethically made new clothes. I’m not perfect at this, and have been more or less zealous at times, but my 17yo has recently been convinced that she ought to shop ethically, and has made me pull up my socks to try and set an example. I had one wonderful year, 2003, when my babies were babies, and I sewed, op shopped or ethically sourced every single ‘new’ item. Full time work and four children make it not so easy but really, how is it ok to mentally chalk up unethical purchases as just too hard? One of the reasons I’ve fired up a blog again is to keep a list of the shops I like that are fair trade. I know there are lots of other lists around but I want my own list dammit!

I cycle. Not in Lycra. On a commuter bike. I would call myself an enthusiastic commuter cyclist and ride to work about two or three times a week. ie when it’s not raining or too hot, when I don’t need the car for work, or to carry stuff, and when offspring don’t need to be taken places…

I run. This is recent, and hopefully a hobby that sticks. I started in February 2016 and ran the 6km City to Bay in October this year in not too shabby a time. I’ve discovered I like trying to get faster but am not interested in running longer. As a hobby it probably doesn’t really deserve a guernsey in my blog tagline yet but that’s me being optimistic it will stick.

I also occasionally blog my random musings, mostly to do with health and motivation and what drives change and innovation, both personally and collectively – these are my areas of professional expertise and interest. My absolute favourite thing in the world is when you hear an idea that flips your thinking and you think to yourself, wow, I never thought of it that way! If I could manage to do that sometimes with what I write I would be beyond delighted!